We were denied the $50 welcome card on a technicality. A very small one that could be fixed.

They send you a notice that your contract is up after its too late to switch as it takes 2 billing cycles. On purpose, in my opinion. They then give you a choice, agree to another contract or pay a monthly rate that is almost double the new contract rate. Instead of almost 12 cents per kwh they charge you 18 plus.

They are inflexible and arrogant as they know you have no choice. You have to take the contract or pay double. Three years ago I contacted them to inquire what the rate for Aug. was, as they didn't have fixed contracts then.

Summer rates are higher and I asked in September.

No one would tell me what the rate was-they said someone will call you but no one did. They are snakeoil salesmen.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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