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We're truly sorry to hear that this customer did not enjoy their experience with North American Power. We do our very best to offer our current customers the most competitive rates we can because variable rate customers can leave our service at any time, without penalty. The cost of purchasing our energy varies, however, and there are times when our variable rates need to rise to reflect increases. We would like to emphasize that we clearly state that our advertised price for our variable rate is an introductory rate on our marketing materials, website, and Terms of Service. Fortunately, we now offer 6 and 12 month fixed rate plans that guarantee our rate will remain the same for 6 or 12 billing cycles. For customers that prefer price stability, this may be the best option. For additional information on our rates and plans, we encourage customers to visit or call 888-313-9086.

North American Power and Gas is an absolute scam. Their advertising is very deceiving and fooling customers they will save money.

Then they guilt them, that if they are not taking advantage of different electrical providers they are wasting money. Yes they did say it was a monthly variable rate that is "historically lower" than CL&P however based on the past few months, I don't know how that is possible. I don't even think my first bill had the 7.9 cent rate. Instead I was charged 10.49 cents.

I overspent about $200 in the course of 4 months. Before I cancelled, I checked to see if I will receive my rebate which they said they had never received. Their 100% guarantee, is that if you feel we suck, you can leave at any time.

What type of guarantee is that? I feel horrible for the snakes that are employed there who prey on customers who are looking to save money.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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