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1. False propaganda - We received a letter in the mail saying compare and save - 4.59c/kWh north american power vs 5.10c/kWh NYSEG (rate as of April 1st, 2013). When we asked customer service about the April 1st rate in our region it was 5.99c/kWh. Huge mislead of consumers aka lies (so what they say in their letter is NOT for your region)

2. Price hike - after joining we got a promotional rate 4.59c/kWh for the first month. Then our price jumped to 8.99c - that we did not look carefully - then 9.99 (Aug vs NYSEG 7.15c) and in 4 months we were paying 9.19c (December). In January, their price increased to 15.99c. Our power bill for the month was $1080! With NYSEG we would have paid only approx $300. So their rates have always been high - and their compare and save was a scam.

3. When we called, they could not provide us with an answer regarding why the price was so high - their rate was fixed based on "market rate and other factors". They could not tell me how much the "market rate" was - and how much the "other factors" were. What are these other factors? Based on research we did with NYSEG, the market rate certainly did not contribute to the 200% increase in cost from June 2013 to Jan 2014.

4. To answer my question on price tag for "other factors", they told me that the rate was fixed by another department - and that someone will give me a call about this within the next business day - it has been a week and no one has called me.

5. When we asked about whether everyone in our region/street was paying 15.99c/kWh (because we could not believe that they could charge so much - it would get everyone outraged), they told that price is determined by several factors and that they cannot discuss other bills in the region. We were just asking for the rate - not discuss the bills, the answer should have been a yes (if legit).

If I don't hear from them, I am considering filing a law suit at the consumer court.

DO NOT CHANGE TO AMERICAN POWER. After reading several of the complaints, this seems to be a universal problem.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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White Plains, New York, United States #787057

Complain to your state's Attorney General and any Power Authority.

In Connecticut there is current scrutiny and the Power Authority is holding public hearings at various locations.

This site is great only if future customers come upon it in time.

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