I mistakenly signed up for North American Power for both electric and gas, enticed by their low intro rates. Next thing I know, my gas bill is up to SIX times higher than it was last winter. When I get my bill, I see they are charging me $1.59 per therm! I call to complain and they tell me that they have wonderful fixed rate plans and I ask what about my current outrageous bill? They give the standard line of this is a bad winter, prices went up. Yes, I get that, but the prices are 4-5X what PSE&G charges. They should warn their customers upfront and give us the option to go to fixed rate. They never gave me the courtesy of a warning, and now I have to pay this outrageous rate.

I cancelled immediately and then they tell me that it may take 1-2 billing cycles, which means I can expect to pay 5X my normal bill for the next 2 months?

STAY AWAY from this SCAM.

If you had purchased your gas supply from PSE&G, your Price to Compare for this month's usage would have been $ 131.96, or $ 0.436988 per therm. Your Price to Compare may vary each month depending on your usage pattern.

Through the CHOICE Program, you have chosen to purchase gas from North American Power & Gas, LLC. If you have any questions, please contact them directly at 888-313-9086.


Current charges

Total North American Power & Gas, LLC Charges

$0.00 482.86 $482.86

GENERATION 301.976 THERMS @ 1.599

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States #863880


used $20.00 of electricity, north american charged $48.00 to DELIVER IT!!! rates went up steadily over three months - 1st month- .0008 cents per kwh 2nd month - .00010 per 3rd month - .00013 per. called and asked why the rate is steadily increasing - was told i was sent an email to lock in to the .0008 rate - NEVER SAW THE EMAIL, don't think one was sent. Did NOT SEE A PENNY OF SAVINGS ON ELECTRIC BILL.

also, I was switched back immediately - didn't take two to three billing cycles. They know exactly what they're doing. It's a scam and a ripoff - used an incentive of a $50.00 prepaid visa card to coerce me into switching, however, they don't tell you an astronomical amount of kilo watt hours usage is required in one month's bill to receive the visa card.

I just felt ripped-off 360 degrees. I went against my better judgment, and switched - will trust my instincts now.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #793643

OH! I have you all beat!!

Got my electric bill a week and a half ago, and it was $1,407.00!! I about had a heart attack! NAP is raping the people that sign up with them.

My previous months (also with NAP) bills were $591.00 and before that it was $400.

I have NEVER HAD a bill THAT HIGH!!!! I'm going elsewhere and hope those of you who have read these posts DO NOT SIGN UP WITH NAP!!

Camden, New Jersey, United States #791200

They charged me same things on Jan 04 and Feb 04, 1.599 per thermal, and my bill was over 300 each month just for gas, it is definitely a rip off company, i need to file complaint the way they do business.

Bayville, New Jersey, United States #789732

It happend to me as well I am paying over 600$ per month compared to $300 winter bill. Even after cancelled they charge the same rate will apply another month to get effective.

I will never suggest anyone to sign up for north american power. If there is an option to file a case against them I will be the first in line.

to VN Herndon, Virginia, United States #790646

same thing happened here. and $1000 bill. I will join if there is case filed against this crapy company.

Bronx, New York, United States #789447

The same exact thing happened to me and I complained to the BBB of Conn. where their main office is and I did get a satisfactory result.

They credited my account for the overage and will be charging me the rate of 45 cents instead of my $1.59 for this current month. This company is ripping people off and must be stopped. File complaints to the Dept.

of Public Utilities in Conn. and the BBB.

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