I received a mailer from North American Power in December 2012 for 7.99 cents/kwh. It sounded too good to be true so I kept digging to find out the real story.

And it took me a good long while to find that they were indeed very, very sneaky about this. First, the only place I found the "fine print" that explained the story was burried deep on their enrollment page. There's a ton of fine print at the bottom - this is NOT where you should look. On the second enrollment page (as you click through to enroll), there is again a ton of fine print.

This second fine print looks very similar to the first except that now, burried deep and if you look carefully, there's an URL. They probably assumed that if you read the fine print on the first page, then you'd likely skip the similar text on the second page. Click the URL and only then do you start to learn that the rate is a short promotion and that the actual variable rate is more than the PSE&G rate. They don' say it explicitly - they leave it to you to sort out the data and put the pieces together.

Like I said, very very sneaky. They really should be sued for deception.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I did my research - this is my public service to ensure you do too and don't get scammed by this company like others.

Review about: North American Power Electricity Supply.

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It seems to me that most if not all the people who sign up are signing up for the variable rate. Which of course is VARIABLE!

If you don't know what that means then don't sign up. I too am looking for a electric company cheaper than PSNH. They have a VARIABLE rate too! Now for those that say the price isn't listed on their site well it's not going to be listed it's VARIABLE which is just that not a set price.

They guarantee the first months to be at a certain rate but then the rest of the time will be at a VARIABLE rate. (Which is listed on the site before you even click sign up! You do need to click more details and read the fine print but honestly what company doesn't have fine print?) Now the only way it seems you save money with this company is to continuously sign up for a fixed 12 month rate. Now I don't know if there is a start up fee.

I will be calling them to find out before going with this plan but there is a $10 a month early cancellation fee for each month you were supposed to pay that you cancelled before. It also has the option to renew the 12 month plan after yours is up if you wish (at probably a different rate cause prices only go up with time for utility companies.) or you may be on a VARIABLE rate or just change companies. This is all listed on the site under more details btw. I have had yet to see a review of someone who had a FIXED rate for 6 or 12 months.

It also does state on the site that if you do nothing after the contract period you will automaticly be put on the variable rate which is no different than any other contracted plan.

If you choose to do this then make sure you call before your contract is up to renew into another one. Guess that's all I have to say.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #643542

If you don't want to play the price game (that's what energy is, it is a commodity and just like the stock market) go with their Fixed Rate product. What you see is what you get - for 6 full months.

This is the way the energy industry works. With deregulation you have the right to choose - or just stay with your utility company who has been overcharging you and raping our local and national economy for decades!

At least with NAP you're supporting the Green Tech industry. Local jobs that can't be outsourced.

to UseYourHead Rockaway Township, New Jersey, United States #673971

They just scammed me for 2 months and I cancelled with them. They started me at .079 for month #1 and raised the rate to .125 the next month..

then up to .135 the day I cancelled. They claim it was "market fluctuation" but that is a terrible lie. The market doesn't fluctuate 50% in 1 months time. Also, JCP&L rate was .10 for all 3 months.

UNCHANGED. They sent postcards to my house every 2 weeks for 1 year posing as the cheaper option in the deregulated market. It is a bait-n-switch scam job. The big utility company wasnt the bad guy after all.

I guess they need to pay for all their advertising my overcharging people who gave them a chance.

35% higher rates than JCP&L as of July 3rd. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!

to UseYourHead Dayton, Ohio, United States #675072

I don't know how things are done in New England, but the rest of the country knows a rip-off when they experience it!!! Being green is fine, the country needs to be educated about it and MANY THINGS need to change. Scams and rip-offs are not the way to go about it!!!!

Hopatcong, New Jersey, United States #616184

This is exactly correct. The same thing happened to me.

7.99 cents for ONE month and changed to 11.99 cents on the second month which was higher than jcp&l. They are liars. The website states that their current variable rate is 7.99. That's not true.

That is a promo rate. Their actual current variable rate is 11.99 cents which is a huge difference. I asked the customer service rep if it states anywhere on the site that the current rate is 11.99 and he said no. They don't put their actual current rate because they know no one would sign up.

You have been warned. Stay far away from north American power.

Burlington, Vermont, United States #611977

In regards to Dlanker's comment:

the promo says it is good for 6, yes count them! 6 months.

Not one.

I am glad I did not get involved and end up losing money to this company.

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #604039

Not sure who or how you signed up but the intro rate is just that....an intro rate. It's good for the first month...period.

If someone told you that you were going to be below the utility every month, they gave you bad info. NAP is in 34 markets and for 2012 they saved 32 of those 34 an average of 105 for the year.

Not to mention that there was a spike in the market in December and everyone's rates went up. There is no deception on their part.....just ignorance on yours.

Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #601130

I am considering changing electric suppliers and am researching pros and cons of various companies at this moment. This review was VERY helpful to me!

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