Do not be conned by North American Power's claims of saving money on your electric bill.They attempt to get people to sign up by touting lower rates than your utility company charges.

However...if it's to good to be true... After their promotional period (currently three months) their rate climbs to approx. 20-30% higher than the 'real' power company.

And though you 'sign-up' via a phone call, cancelling the service and going back to your old company requires written notification.

Also - there is no money to be made by becoming a sales person for the company - no base pay, 100% commission based, nothing more than a telemarketing scam.Don't waste your time or money.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Tinton Falls, New Jersey, United States #789999

The rates are really no more or less expensive than anyone else.And the varying rates are the same as everyone else.

I paid a little more because I support one of the charities and $1 of my bill goes to that charity. I support that good work.

I do think the new "free energy challenge" is something that puts them over the edge on Sleazy or Scam or whatever word you want to label it. They gave me "free energy" for a month after getting a bunch of referrals.

So I get all excited and tell everyone I knew about the savings showing that bill as proof. About 10 people jumped on as a customer and I got like $70 for the referrals. Next month, they took away the free energy and billed PLUS BACK Billed for the prior month's energy use.

On the residuals I get probably between $50-100 month.

I had to make "tail between the legs" calls to friends and tell them what happened.

That's just sleazy practice.

Morris, Connecticut, United States #789975

North American Power is a predatory business.Be warned.

They undercut CL&P's generation charge by a few cents. They offered $0.069/KWH to CL&P's $0.099/KWH. However, they raised their rate to $0.1999/KWH out of the blue once they have you locked in.

My electricity bill went from the usual $150 per winter month to $250 thanks to North American Power.I have dumped them and will warn everyone possible to avoid this shady company.

to Dnice Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #789981

Dnice - I have the same story - JCP&L was $0.10/KWH this month NAP charged me $0.199/KWH I am back with JCP&L.NAP cost me about $300 last month and $450 this month.

Did you notice they are not part of the BBB - Very smooth.


Marietta, Georgia, United States #784371

Stop lying I am a rep and have saved my customers money, helped them earn money as well have made money, and there is no telemarketing involved, it sucks to see people type outright lies

to gen Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #789980

really - explain how my rate was 2x JCPL for FEN 2014 $0.104KW vs the NAP $0.199KW - my math must work different from yours

to gen #946741

Gen, of course youre going to defend them, you are brainwashed and work for them.A guy I went to highschool with was trying to sell me this garbage.

It's obvious they make you believe it.Shame on you.


wow workkit.You're an ***, and are lucky to make it so high in some random company.

Probably cause you just do as you're told like a good little pup. I am researching this, and you make it sound like it's the peoples fault. I have not found one good thing about the company yet, and my grandfather (who DOES NOT have a computer), asked me to look into it for him. Not every has a computer, let alone internet, to look up everything about some new service offered to them.

It IS the customer service/sales reps job to go over EVERYTHING with the customer, it should not be the customers job to nit pick at the service provider for every detail, it should be offered up front. So just by you saying what you did, I think this company is a JOKE. Rushing the soon to be sales reps/customer service agents through training, and by her saying "stop calling and screaming at us", that must mean a very high volume of unhappy customers.

Either getting lied to, or getting scammed.And reading these other reviews on this page, this company should be turned away.


I, in a round about way, work for North American Power. I'm a single mom that was applying to jobs on Craigslist - some of them being for Customer Service. I received a phone call for an interview and was extremely glad to have gotten as I had recently been let go from my previous job. I went in to interview at what turned out to be a call center. Mind you, this being my second job ever and no call experience what-so-ever. I ended up getting the job and started that Tuesday. Showing up for my training group, I was way over dressed, the room was quite noisy and my instructor worked too fast to cram the information into our heads for what we would start off doing - enrollments for North American Power. People received the notifications that the company sent out and called the number provided to sign up or find out whatever information we can give them - mind you, it's extremely limited information and anything we don't know we're told to pass on to Customer Service. Enrollments does not have the current variable rates, historical rates, or know anything outside of what their scripts say. Yes, we do go off of scripts and are required to tell consumers all of the information from that script. So if you don't think that you're representative knows the information, chances are they recently new or don't work at my call center.

Anyhow. I started off with the fixed rates, went on to variable rates and then was tagged for Customer Service for North American Power....

That being said, if you don't do all of your research, find out all of the Terms & Conditions, ask all of the questions even if they sound dumb to you - then why do you expect us to know what YOU want? And if that person does not understand what you are asking then tell them that you would like to speak to someone that can maybe answer your question in another way. We love to help you, and when you leave comments about the reps that are GOOD and HELPFUL to you then it betters the company and makes you the consumers happy because it shows the supervisors and higher ups what works and what doesn't. But you have to be helpful and not scream at us because you did not fully ask all of the questions before you started the service.

We honestly do strive to work our hardest at making you happy. But it's a 50/50 partnership. You have to let us know what works and what doesn't and keep telling us til it gets through otherwise the bad stuff stays and then you take it to the extremes. Like I said, my call center Customer Service works their butts off doing what we can to make you happy. But you've gotta let us and the higher ups know if we're doing good or not.

Hope this helps those that are confused...

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #617608

I became a customer before they launched in NJ. I worked in sales before and had success, I saw NAP as a opportunity to build for the future. The great thing about NAP was that I did not have to pay to play. Many of these "home business" things want you to pay them to sell their products. When you look at it logically, it makes no sense. I know people who worked other home businesses who wound up losing their income with no notice or indication when the owners folded up shop... and it was not illegal for the owners to do so because of everyone's "independent" status. They were not employees and were only able to file "lost income" on their taxes.

With NAP and energy in general, it is regulated by the state. Long story short, I became a customer (and I still am a customer) and gave the business opportunity a try being it was at no cost to me.

In the beginning, it was great until it picked up speed. What you had then was no controls, checks, or balances to keep all of the reps "in-line". You have reps that will do anything to sign that account legal or not, against company policy or not. Part of it is desperation because they can't get a job. Part of it is they are seeing some success for the first time in their lives and letting it go to their head.

You have people doing independent mailings without corporate knowledge. You have people going door to door even though they sign an agreement saying they understand this is strictly...

I talked to the training director and asked him about the plan to nip the undesirable behavior in the bud and to establish controls, checks and balances, possible random audits doing a customer service check with new applications to switch. I had a bunch of ideas to protect the brand image of the firm and try to eliminate the people who are abusing the opportunity by violations company rules and various state laws.

I was turned off and learned a lesson all at the same time.

The company had no plan to kick anyone out for breaking the rules. They did not want to invest in quality control other than an 800# the customer is supposed to call to verify they want to switch their bill. There is no follow up or call back system to ensure that the person the 800# spoke to was the distributor or truly the customer.

I visited an opportunity presentation in Northern NJ with a friend who is a CFO. The room was filled with distributors that was down on their luck. The leaders of the group were pretty rude and did not even introduce themselves. I would go as far to say they were ignorant.

When I saw these trainers tell these young impressionable men to tele-market and go door to door but "don't get caught and never talk about it", I stopped putting effort into NAP.

I still get a couple of hundred a month in residual, and I take it. But I really don't want my reputation marred when the *** hit the fan.

Companies that "hire anyone" always go through these growing pains. Until there are enough complaints with the utilities board for unfair practices, they will not reign in the sales staff. Again, I haven't been active in nearly a year because I did not want my good name associated with the unfair business practices.

Corporate is a great group of folks. They are not running a scam by any stretch of the means. They are doing a lot of good with philanthropic work. I backed out solely because of other distributors giving the company a bad rap (being overly aggressive, slamming, telemarketing, door to door) and not wanting to be associated with those unprofessional practices.

If you want to work in sales, this is a great way to get your feet wet. Get some first class training, and take it with you to something bigger and better a year down the road.

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to Not a scam, but running out of #789978

NAP is a predatory company, if it was truly a business that wanted to provide value to it's customers please explain to me why my rate went from $0.10KW to $0.145KW to $0.19KW. Also - can you explain why NAP is not part of the better business bureau

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