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Don't sign up with this energy company! They get people to sign up with a low teaser rate for electricity.

But when that contract ends, they jack up the rates by 2 or 3 times what you were paying. If you want to cancel, they tell you it will take 2 months to change. During that time, your rates will skyrocket and all your savings plus a lot more will be gone.

In my case, going from fixed to variable rate, the price nearly tripled from $7 / KWH to $18 / KWH. Again, don't be fooled into doing business with this company!

Reason of review: Bait and switch.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Bait and switch, Rate hike.

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When you enroll online or over the phone, you are told/shown the length of your contract at that time. If you enrolled over the phone, you're not only told during the enrollment process, but you are then told the contract length a second when you're doing an automated verification, and you agree to the contract length during the verification.

You are then sent a welcome package, again stating the contract length. And, a month or two before your contract ends, you are sent a letter, reminding you that your contract is coming to an end and how to contact them to discuss your options. You are told in both the welcome package, and the reminder letter, that if you do nothing before your contract comes to an end, you will then automatically be put into a market based variable rate when the contract is over. So, you are told 2-3 times that you must contact the company to discuss your options before your contract ends, and what will happen if you don't.

Once your contract ends, you no longer get contract pricing. It seems like a simple concept, but people still ignore all those notifications until suddenly it hits them in the wallet...and then it's somehow the company's fault that the customer neglected to pay attention to that contract they agreed to.

And that two months it takes to switch is a time frame that it takes for account changes is something that comes from the utility company.

North American literally has no control over that, since all of the billing and account management still goes through the utility company. It's the same reason that it takes that time frame for them to become your supplier after you enroll with them.

to Anonymous #940911

This response is obviously from the NA Power False Advertising Team. In addition to the detail posted previously, NA power changed the rate on my service 2 months early "by mistake".

So apparently they don't understand the contract terms either. They refunded me one month of the overcharge but have still not responded to my request to refund the second month overcharge.

Beyond all this, anyone who believes that the "competitive market price" for electricity is 2.5 times the contract price is an ***, especially with declining fuel prices.

As the original post states, NA Power is a bait and switch predator company. Keep away!!!

to Anonymous Pennsville, New Jersey, United States #944912

Thank you , I have been trying to get ahold of them to sign back up, but I cant get ahold of them, I guess this is what they do , sign you up at the low rate then let you fall into the higher rate by not letting you get ahold of them to re sign so they can charge you the higher rates , REAL NICE .

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