I'll make this simple. If you deal with NA Power, expect to get ripped off. I had a 6-month contract at $.0789 per kwh. They sent me a letter on 1/17/2014 telling me that my contract would expire on 2/22/2014 and that I could renew prior to 2/8/2014 with a new fixed-rate. I decided not to renew, so I called NA Power on 1/30/2014 to ask what would happen if I did not renew. They said I would go on a variable rate at .1299 per kwh beginning on 2/23/2014 -- the day after my current contract expired. I asked to cancel right then and there, and they emphatically told me that I could not cancel until after 2/22/2014, and that they would not cancel me until after that date, and even then I would have to call back to effect the cancellation.

So, I called back on 2/23/2014 and cancelled. They said that the cancellation would not be effective for a few weeks. I then got a bill from NA Power at .1899 per kwh from 2/7/2014 until 3/10/2014.

When I complained, they asked me to submit documentation, so I did. They then rejected my request for an adjustment. Here's their excuses. 1) The letter that said my contract ended on 2/22/2014 was a form letter and was wrong. According to NA Power they had the right to adjust my rate as of 2/7/2014. The .1299 per kwh rate they quoted me on 1/30/2014 was an estimate. 2) They said they never tell customers to "call back" after the expiration of their contract term to cancel and that they could have cancelled me on 1/30/2014. When I said that I was told that I had to call back after 2/22/2014, the CSR basically called me a liar and said that I had only made one call to cancel on 2/23/2014. She then told me that the .1899 per kwh rate was fair.

Bottom line: NA Power is a game. They quote an initial low rate and then try to jack you up later. They disclaim the contract expiration dates contained in their own letters, and their CSRs just lie to keep you on their service. Finally, the last CSR I spoke with basically told me that I was lying because their other CSRs would never tell a customer that they had to call back to cancel service. (The CSR who initially refused to cancel my service during the 1/30/2014 call, said "I can't do anything for you until after 2/22/2014.)

Anyone dealing with this company is in for a bad time. I would stay far away from them.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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