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We're truly sorry that Mr. Jeffs, like many customers of both suppliers and utilities across the region, have experienced higher-than-usual variable rates this winter—unfortunately, wholesale prices for both electricity and natural gas this winter have sky-rocketed as a result of a severe winter energy shortage caused, in large part, by the extraordinary cold weather. We do offer fixed rates that can help insulate customers from these types of market fluctuations, and our variable rate customers can always call us to make this switch.

In the interest of customer satisfaction, we are sending the customer a check in the amount of $257.13, which is the difference between what the customer paid with us for their supply and what they would have paid at the utility's rate-to-compare for the customer's last billing cycle.

We can also confirm that the customer has a service end date of 4/7/14, and will receive a rate of 45.90 cents/Therm for their last billing cycles with us.

We sincerely hope that the customer is satisfied with this outcome, and we encourage them to contact our Account Specialist, Stephan, directly at with any additional questions or concerns.
Dumont, New Jersey

I am writing to complain, and hopefully inform others, not to be deceived and taken advantage of by offers to switch to a third party Gas and Electric supplier named North American Power of CT. I was deceptively sold on switching to save money on my utility bill in 2013, when in the end they only tripled my rates this January and February.

All this while my original trusted Utility Company PSE&G's rates remain the same at .54c a therm for gas. They never explained to me that I would be on a variable rate plan and my rates could go up at any time. And they never offered me a fixed rate plan. And after realizing the outrageously high rate they were charging me of $1.59 a therm for gas, I was shocked to find out that it takes 2-3 months to switch back to PSE&G while they continue to over charge me.

This is criminal! To take advantage of people's basic needs like heating their home during the winter. I hope to informing the public of this companies false advertising and terrible actions.

I have lots of supporting documentation of their fraudulent actions for anyone that want it. This company should be put out of business!!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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