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We're truly sorry to hear that this customer did not enjoy their experience with North American Power. We do our very best to offer our current customers the most competitive rates we can because variable rate customers can leave our service at any time, without penalty. The cost of purchasing our energy varies, however, and there are times when our variable rates need to rise to reflect increases. We would like to emphasize that we clearly state that our advertised price for our variable rate is an introductory rate on our marketing materials, website, and Terms of Service. Fortunately, we now offer 6 and 12 month fixed rate plans that guarantee our rate will remain the same for 6 or 12 billing cycles. For customers that prefer price stability, these are great options. For additional information on our rates and plans, we encourage customers to visit or call 888-313-9086.

I received a mailer and called in to save some money on my electric bill. I was called back and thought i asked all the right questions.

What you need to ask is how long the rate will be in valid for. I can tell you one month. It then jumps to a higher rate which is currently 0.1099, my Connecticut Light and Power is .076 now. It takes up to 2 months to get switched back out to another provider.

I guess you can say i didn't read the fine print. but the fine print should say it wont save you any money and can take up to 2 months to reverse any decision

Monetary Loss: $60.

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