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We're truly sorry to hear that this customer did not enjoy their experience with North American Power. We do our very best to offer our current customers the most competitive rates we can because variable rate customers can leave our service at any time, without penalty. The cost of purchasing our energy varies, however, and there are times when our variable rates need to rise to reflect increases. We would like to emphasize that we clearly state that our advertised price for our variable rate is an introductory rate on our marketing materials, website, and Terms of Service. Fortunately, we now offer 6 and 12 month fixed rate plans that guarantee our rate will remain the same for 6 or 12 billing cycles. For customers that prefer price stability, this may be the best option. For additional information on our rates and plans, we encourage customers to visit or call 888-313-9086.

Hope you read this before switching. I switched to North American Power based upon an advertisement they mailed to me and received $0.0799 per kilo watt hour for electric generation charges on first billing cycle which was the rate I agreed to went signing up with North American Power.

On my next bill the rate jumped to $0.1149.

The J C P and L comparable rate was $0.1068 per kilo watt hour. I immediately switched away from North American Power upon receiving my bill, but due to scheduling the switch could take 1 or 2 billing cycles.

Review about: North American Power Electricity Supply.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Rockville, Connecticut, United States #672964

Just curious, by why didn't you choose their fixed rate plan? I have been with North American Power now for almost a year and have been very happy with their service / rates.


I work for X company and my upline told me to post a rant hear. Now I'm sure some of these complaints are real as some people are always mis-informed.

I'm certain a bunch of these are probably from others in my group who were told to do the same. While no company is perfect, I won't bs people or put another company down. I have integrity.

I like my deal and don't know of any real problems with my deal or the NAP deal. If energy companies didn't save people money (overall) they wouldn't be in business very long.

to covert opps Boston, Massachusetts, United States #669034

I am so glad that someone has come clean here. And there is even more to it than this.

If anyone is looking for the complete details feel free to contact me directly by replying to this post or just write to me directly at carbonscorn (it is a address)

Bel Air, Maryland, United States #647960

North American Power is certainly a company that scams its customers for as long as they can in the hopes they can quietly charge exorbitant fees to profit off the impression that rates will remain lower then their competitors long term. NAP has no intention in competing for the best rate, given the number of complaints that follow this behavior. You would be wise to not attempt business with a company that has no intention in improving your pocketbook and has every intention to scam as much extra money out of your bank account until you wise up as many others are doing you the good service to teach you from their own experience with the company.

Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #628111

I am a North American Power customer since December 10th 2012.

Our rate is 7.29Centsper KWH.

And My utility(PSNH)is at 9.54 Cents. The rate has not changed for 3 months.

I will continur to use their service and report back. SO far so good.


to HenryV #629866

I've been an NAP customer for over a year. Overall, I've saved hundreds. There have been 2 times in the 14 months I've been a customer that the utility has beat NAP's rate. But I don't care bc NAP pays my bills!

I can understand you want to "switch back" if the rate jumps to something you didn't agree to. However, its clear on the website when you enroll that you're signing up for a variable rate-As in subject to change with the volatile market-idk if you know this but the market is pretty volatile these days.

People let's be serious. You signed up with a company. YOU are responsible to read the print. If you don't like something its ok to change. You didn't get NAP in a day. Is it really that unreasonable that you get out of NAP in a day??

I don't understand why people smear the company? And $100 in losses really? How HUGE is your home that on 3.50 CENTS per killowatt you lost $50 a month? Furthermore are you really SO upset about that $7 difference that you had to drag the company through the mud? It's a scam? Really?? How about you call the editors at FORBES magazine, tell them they printed a full spread about a SCAM - they named NAP as the 57th most promising company in America! Maybe send a letter to the American Business Awards and tell them our (not one) but TWO gold Steevies should be given to Conico-Phillips instead. *They came in second place to our #1 Best Energy Company.

Honestly, put your big -girl- panties on and grow up. Stop spouting lies about a reputable, philanthropic company, founded and run by generous kind hearted people, just because you were too ignorant to read the fine print on the clearly stated website.

But since nothing I said will change your mind I'll leave you with this, I appreciate your supporting our 3 year young company.

to I <3 NAP #631148

Your response is the single most compelling reason I will not shift to NAP. What an emotional, ugly, self-serving rant by a NAP advocate whose motivation - clearly - is not to educate, but to bully.

You will do your power company, and perhaps yourself, more good with reasoned discourse.

If your arguments are sound, people will be swayed. If laced with invective - like yours - they are dismissed as irrelevant.

to Anonymous #640428

I don't think the last person's intent was to bully. You see, this site Pissed Consumer, provides no mechanism to prompt the disgruntled consumer to present enough information to have their grievance addressed with information.

It's ok to be angry at a company but you should enter into the issue with the idea that there may be something more to what's going on. In full disclosure, I am both a customer and a referring customer. Over the past year I have saved money (and I would posted scanned bills if this site allowed, but it does not). And as for those that I refer I explain to each person which product they should be looking at based on their personal needs.

For example, if you want a consistent rate you should select a Fixed-Rate product (one rate, 6 months, no changes) But, if you like the idea of taking advantage of price drops in the energy market you should select a Variable Rate product - but! if you select a variable rate product you can't expect to take advantage of the price drops but not be impacted by the price increases. However, in either case, you do end up paying just about the same over time (likely a bit less with the variable rate) both saving you over the local utility.

Here's the thing, different people make purchasing decisions based on different criteria. With my friends and contacts that I refer I tell them this; if you save even just a few bucks over the year but with the knowing that you've substantially decreased your carbon footprint AND supported the creation of new local green energy jobs, don't you think that's better than doing nothing?

to I <3 NAP Strausstown, Pennsylvania, United States #650650

I have been with the company 3 months and I love everything about North American Power. Such a loving and helpful community that I now consider family!

:) For all the people upset about the variable rate you can now have a fixed rate that you are only tied to for 6 months at a time. And the cancellation fee is the lowest I ever saw! Talk with the person who told you about the business and if a friend or loved one did not tell you about it then you were mislead very badly. Our company prides itself on being a PEOPLE business.

Not a strange mailer, phone call, or email from people you dont know.

Please dont let one or two months interfer with a lifetime of great opportunities! :zzz

to I <3 NAP Hartford, Connecticut, United States #659078

blow it out your ***! Company ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :(

to I <3 NAP Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, United States #701819

Maybe people smear the company because they start at a rate that isn't the current rate. I.e start at 7.9 then the next month it goes to 13.9 and they are told "its the market" but this happens month after month to different customers, they know ahead of time the rate will go up. It has nothing to do with the market.

Anyone making money is just dragging friends and family in to the mix to indirectly take money from them, but that's just my opinion.

to HenryV Strausstown, Pennsylvania, United States #650639

So glad you are enjoying your service. Are you taking advantage of the FREE business that comes along with being a customer?

Their referral program is out of this world amazing!!!

And it gets better and better every day! :)

to Here 2 Help Waterville, Maine, United States #705251

I think this is funny because I am doing keyword research on everything that deals with North American Power, and I keep finding all these "scam" articles floating around the net. It's unfortunate.

It is basically a simple operation. You signup under someone (someone recommends you) or you just go to their site, and enter your zip code. They will give you the fixed rate that is good in your area. If the fixed rate is lower than your utility provider (usually is), then you switch. It's a fairly simple process. If they didn't offer lower rates, then no one would switch and no one would make any money.

They have a business opportunity set up so that you can refer your friends, neighbors, co-workers, whomever you can so that you can build the representatives underneath you and you will physically get paid every time they pay their electric bill. If you refer enough people in the first 30 days, you get crazy bonuses, $50, $150, $300, depending on how many you refer. Do you not know at least 10 people that want to save money on their electric bill let alone get paid every month just to be a partner with NAP? And if anyone of them refer anyone, you get paid for them as well, down to 6 phases of referrals? After a few months, NAP will be paying your electric bill and then you will be collecting a check. Even if they weren't the cheapest (though as far as I can tell they are so far) the business plan alone is solely worth the signup.

How is this not worth every penny of effort. They created a business plan that is literally forced to work. Other companies obviously point fingers and use the scam word, but in reality, they just missed out on the best business opportunity anyone has seen to this day. I wouldn't call myself a businessman, but I joined solely for the business opportunity, let alone the $20-25/month savings. I encourage everyone to signup and I would love to be your representative that helps you succeed.

If you're interested in becoming a customer and becoming part of my team, then I encourage you to check out:

Everything you need to get started is right there, along with my contact information. If it wasn't a serious opportunity, I would not lay this out on the table.


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