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We're truly sorry to hear that this customer did not enjoy their experience with North American Power. We do our very best to offer our current customers the most competitive rates we can because variable rate customers can leave our service at any time, without penalty. The cost of purchasing our energy varies, however, and there are times when our variable rates need to rise to reflect increases. We would like to emphasize that we clearly state that our advertised price for our variable rate is an introductory rate on our marketing materials, website, and Terms of Service. Fortunately, we now offer 6 and 12 month fixed rate plans that guarantee our rate will remain the same for 6 or 12 billing cycles. For customers that prefer price stability, this may be the best option. For additional information on our rates and plans, we encourage customers to visit or call 888-313-9086.

I received a mailer stating that North American power offered a variable rate, currently 7.9 cents per KWH. So, I signed up.

On my first bill, they neglected to submit it to JCP&L on time so, I was not charged. It did however carry over to the next big deal. I was still charged the 7.9 cent rate for that period. However, the next period I was charged 11.99 cents per KWH!!!

A HUGE JUMP!!! Well, I figured their variable rate went up which sucked but they do state that it is variable. So, I went on to the website and it still says the current variable rate is 7.9 cents!! So, I called and was told that the 7.9 cent rate is a PROMO for the first month!!!

I asked the guy if it states on the website anywhere that that is a promo rate for one month, and he said NO!! I said does it state on the website that the current variable rate is 11.99 cents per KWH and again he said NO!!! This is a scam to get you to sign up with them. I have electric heat so this month is always my highest.

This jump in the rate caused my bill to be $140 higher than anticipated. It would have been cheaper to stay with JCP&L as my supplier. I even spoke to a woman over the phone to sign up and was not told that this is a one month promo rate!!!! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

If you go to their site right now, it states that their current variable rate is 7.9 cents per KWH. Don't fall for that!!

That is only a promo rate for one month!!! I wound up switching to a company called commerce energy which has an 8.9 cent rate fixed for 12 months.

Product or Service Mentioned: North American Power Electricity Supply.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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Hopatcong, New Jersey, United States #616190

I am the one that posted the original complaint

I love how I got 14 *** ratings when this is 100% true. Looks like north American power pays people to come on this site to mark these complaints as ***

I also sent a complaint to the board of public utilities and within 2 weeks I got a refund for the difference from na power. If you look on their site now it still states a current variable rate of 7.99 cents. That is not true as that is a promo rate

The current rate is 11.99. Don't believe the "***" ratings. That is American power employees trying to defend their *** company. I switched to commerce energy and locked in an 8.99 rate for 6 months. If they screw me over I will let everyone know. You all have been warned. Stay away from na power. If you don't believe me go ahead and sign up with them at your own risk.

West New York, New Jersey, United States #599402

Sounds like I received a similar mailer (7.99 cents/kwh). It sounded too good to be true so I kept digging to find out the real story.

And it took me a good long while to find that they were indeed very, very sneaky about this. First, the only place I found the "fine print" that explained the story was on their enrollment page. There's a ton of fine print at the bottom - this is NOT where you should look. On the second enrollment page, there is again a ton of fine print.

This second fine print looks very similar to the first except that now, burried deep and if you look carefully, there's an URL. They probably assumed that if you read the fine print on the first page, then you'd likely skip the similar text on the second page. Click the URL and only then do you start to learn that the rate is promotional and that the actual variable rate is more than the PSE&G rate. They don' say it explicitly - they leave it to you to sort out the data and put the pieces together.

Like I said, very very sneaky.

They really should be sued for deception. DO NOT use this company.


You chose the variable rate. I did the fixed rate and haven't had and issue with the rate going up for 5 months. ..


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